MONOPOLY: TV Fans Chafing From New Backdoor Assault, Decry Lack Of A Courtesy Reacharound


Comcast Corp. is giving some viewers a little agita by pushing HBO into its more expensive digital-cable tier just weeks before The Sopranos begins its final season.The change doesn’t sit well with some customers, who see it as reducing their service or forcing them to pay more for channels they already have.

“I guess the thing that bothers me is, the service is bad and rates keep increasing,” said Alan Letofsky, one of many customers who recently received a notice from Comcast saying they would need a digital-cable box to keep HBO, which telecasts The Sopranos. “We just don’t want to give any more money to Comcast.”

Letofsky, of Haverford, has a digital box on one of his sets, but analog service on the other two. To keep HBO on all three sets, he said, he would have to pay an extra $9.90 – $4.95 each for two boxes – per month. He already pays $83.05 for Comcast cable.

He said he would switch to another cable company if he could.

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