GAMBLOR: City Council To Consider Quaint Notion Of Actually Giving Philadelphians Say In Casino Schemes

City Council could soon vote on putting a question to voters this May, on the future of the city?svoter.gif slots parlors. A super majority of 12 votes would be needed by City Council for this ballot question to go to voters in May.

The question involves changes to city zoning that effectively would bar casinos from just about every part of town. The mayor opposes this, leaving Councilman Frank DiCicco perplexed:

?I would just wonder if the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided to put a nuclear power plant down at Delaware and Reed, would the city?s position be the same? I think the administration would join us in this. For us, this is a nuclear power plant. This is ready to explode.?

KYW: We ARE The Super Majority!

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