STUDY: DOJ Corruption Probes R Ridiculously Partisan

gonzales.jpgIn statewide and federal cases they found a total of 66 investigations. Here’s the breakdown:

* Democrats: 36
* Republicans: 30

This is roughly what you’d expect. Democrats are slightly overrepresented compared to their actual numbers, but only by a bit. There’s nothing fishy. But the numbers for local cases paint a very different story. They found 309 investigations, broken down as follows:

* Democrats: 262
* Republicans: 37

* Independents: 10

Now isn’t that odd? At the local level, even though both parties make up about half of all elected officials, Democrats get hammered and Republicans are left alone…. And who does these investigations? Why, U.S. Attorneys, the very group that Alberto Gonzales has been busily trying to make even more partisan. Apparently a 262-37 breakdown isn’t good enough for him.

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