Cover Wars: Whose Artfag Kung-Fu Is Stronger?


These are the cover stories that try the souls of alternative weekly art directors: A legendary newspaper columnist with a face for radio and an It Boy mixmaster with a radio for a face. I’ve seen this before: usually the AD in question will break down sobbing in the 11th hour before deadline, kicking and pounding the floor, IT CAN’T BE DONE! IT JUST CAN’T! they’ll scream. By this point the publisher will usually rush in, grab her by the arms, shake her, maybe slap her across the face once or twice until she snaps out of it (this sometimes results in a lawsuit, sometimes not) and then, after slipping into a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers kept for just such an emergency, they will come up with cover shots like this over a nice brandy in front of the fireplace. WINNER: PW

PS: Props to CP for a strong music issue, and Steve Volk‘s Last Of The Mohicans cover story on Pete Dexter is a must-read.

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