We Know It’s Only Disco, But Babies Like It, Like It

DON’T EAT THE RED BALLOONS: Baby Loves Disco, Shampoo, Yesterday
CITIZEN MOM REPORTS: Ever seen that Reese Witherspoon movie Sweet Home Alabama, where she goes back to her redneck hometown and runs into an old pal in a saloon? “Look at you, you’ve got a baby . . . in a bar!” I had a moment like that yesterday at Baby Loves Disco, the monthly dj dance party that gives over Shampoo to the area’s funkinest munchkins and their adult handlers. Over on the dance floor, you had DJ KTell and Chatty Cathy getting the Pampers workin’ right along with their lager-clutching Dads (who, by the way, looked NOT unhappy to be there). And whatever was in that tray full of fluorescent pink cocktails, the well-dressed clutch of Moms who accepted delivery seemed pleased as fruit punch — which, by the way, was also in ample supply thanks to the bounty of free juiceboxes. Still, given Shampoo’s many different rooms and the obvious thought the Baby Loves Disco folks put into the various activities — enough to keep even a 5-year-old with the world’s shortest attention span on the move for a few hours — the alcohol thing should really only be a concern to the strictest teetotaler ‘rents. Baby Loves Disco returns to Shampoo on April 1. Grade: A+++ [FLICKR]
[Photos By AMY Z. QUINN]

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