CRIME: Coffee Crooks Working For Chump Change

The most recent splash-and-grab robbery happened early Wednesday at a Wawa convenience store in Magnolia, N.J., police said Wednesday.

Authorities in Delaware, Bucks and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania, Camden County, N.J.,coffeecrooks.jpg and Wilmington are all trying to determine whether the cases in the three-week robbery spree are linked or involve copycat bandits.

“We’re not sure if they’re the same people, but I would think there’s some link,” said Philadelphia police Detective Christopher Morton, of the Major Crimes Division. “The question we have is, ‘Why are they doing it?’ If they were getting a lot of money is one thing. But they’re not.”

According to police calculations, the thieves have stolen a total of $1,759.75 from 11 locations. At three locations, they left empty-handed. The amount of money taken from five other locations was not disclosed.

The individual takes ranged from as little as $28.50 to as much as $413, police said.

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