HIZZONER ’07: Milton Out On Bail, Campaign Sets Sail

T. Milton Street Sr., who last week announced his candidacy for mayor of Philadelphia, was handcuffed and jailed for five hours Monday on charges that he ignored traffic tickets in twomiltonstreet2.jpg South Jersey towns.

Street, 67, who is facing trial on federal corruption and tax evasion charges, said he was “totally shocked” by Monday’s events, which began when a Moorestown patrolman who knew that his township had a warrant for Street’s arrest recognized the former Pennsylvania state representative and hot dog vendor buying a newspaper in a 7-Eleven store.

After posting $3,250 bail, Street was freed from the Burlington County Jail in Mount Holly.

With the cold wind whipping his black overcoat, Street strode through the glass doors of the jail and straight toward a mob of photographers and reporters.

He wondered why he had been arrested just days after he announced his candidacy.

“I thought these tickets were paid,” he said, adding that the tickets were a decade old and that he “just forgot.”

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