Hizzoner ’07: Milton Street In It To Win It, If Acquitted


Milton Street just held an impromptu press conference in City Hall to announce that he’s running for mayor in the Democratic primary.

As for the pesky matter of his recent federal indictment for tax fraud? He said he didn’t know why that would be an issue, since, in his words, he hasn’t done anything wrong. He pointed out that he hasn’t been convicted of anything.

Reporters also asked him about the residency requirement to run for mayor. Street seems to live in New Jersey — that’s where reporters tracked him down on the day of that indictment. He didn’t directly answer that question, saying instead something to the effect of, “I sleep where I sleep.”

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EDITORIAL: Unable to locate a decent photograph of Milton Street, we opted to go with this undated photo of Milton Street in Camden, not far from where the candidate “sleeps.” Not only do the names match, but it perfectly sums up our reaction to the news of his last-minute, post-indictment candidacy: Somebody call the cops!

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