Cover Wars: Whose Artfag Kung-Fu Is Stronger?


Here’s to the motivational power of Tough Love. After giving both alt-weeklies talk-to-the-hand last week, both have come back strong — as Mike Newall would say. (Whatever happened to that guy, anyway?) CP rocks yet another distinctive illustration by Evan M. Lopez to illustrate it Sarah Weinman‘s Where’s Waldo?-esque cover story on a nameless Philly boy missing for 50 years — complete with retro cherry top, spot-color blood stains and case-solving arrow (he was behind the cop the whole time, in the trees, right below the arrow!). Good stuff, CP, however, PW really upped their game this week. With a cover shot that looks to us like it was borrowed from Whitaker’s between-the-mattresses private stock (or will soon become part of said private stock) nicley iced with diamond-studded fonts, an olive green fade on the logo, kaleidoscopic emerald backgound and one rather prominent nipple in the foreground that makes the whole thing, um, pop. Cool, clubby snaps by Jeff Fusco on the inside, too. Wish we could see the look on the faces of all the North Philly church ladies that read Kia Gregory regularly when they find out there is such a thing as black gay men. WINNER: PW

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