HOT DOC: Inky Pulls Big Toe Out Of The Blog Pond

From: Brumfield, John
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 5:18 PM
To: Inquirer
Subject: From Anne Gordon

Annette John-Hall and Dan Rubin to try out as Metro columnists over fourblogosphere.jpg weeks.

The first to appear will be Dan, who will begin his column the week of Feb. 18. He will write one column a week that will appear on the Metro front. He will report directly to Tom McNamara during that time. Tom will work with Dan to craft a column that takes into account the news of the day and recognizes Dan?s strong voice.

Dan will no longer write Blinq. His work on that column paved the way for our increased comfort level with blogging. The staff now regularly blogs on breaking news, and several reporters maintain active blogs on key subject areas. We thank Dan for his pioneering effort.

In the past, we have asked our Metro columnists to base their reports within a specific geographic area. We will now allow them to roam a bit more freely, not only over the two-state region but also into a broad range of subject matter.

Monica Yant Kinney will continue to write her spirited column, as she has done so very well for a number of years. Tom Ferrick?s column will continue to appear in Currents. Tom will focus on the mayoral race as part of the Great Expectations Project that Chris Satullo is overseeing.

Anne Gordon

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