HIZZONER ’07: Dem Machine Gives CHAIRMAN BOB Lock On Nomination; GOP Preps For Agony Of Defeat


PHILADELPHIA (AP) – February 9, 2007 – The 69 ward leaders of Philadelphia’s Democratic Party are set to endorse a mayoral candidate today, something they haven’t done for an open primary in more than 35 years. The candidate is widely expected to be Congressman Bob Brady, the party’s chairman for the last 21 years. He was the only one of the five declared Democratic hopefuls to get a 20-thousand-dollar campaign donation from a political committee run by the party. And, until Wednesday, signs touting his name were the only ones hanging in the party’s headquarters downtown.The endorsement is considered such a fait accompli that several ward leaders supporting other candidates say they won’t bother to show up. [Via 6ABC]


Businessman Al Taubenberger said he planned to ask city Republican leaders tomorrow to endorse him as the GOP nominee for mayor when they meet to consider which candidates to back for citywide offices in the May 15 primary. Taubenberger, 53, has dabbled in politics for much of his life, including runs for Congress in 2002 and 2004. He works full-time as president of the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1975. The city’s registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by 5-1, and most GOP leaders concede that a mayoral victory is a long shot. No Republican mayor has been elected since 1947. Taubenberger, whose mayoral exploratory committee is chaired by Meehan, has expressed interest in running for close to a year. So far he has raised $100, from himself. [Via Inquirer]

[Photo by Sky O’Mara]

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