VEGEDELPHIA: First They Took Our Smokes, Then Fumo, Now They’ve Come For Our Biggie Fries

fatass432424jpg.jpgAs the nation takes steps toward a trans-fat-free finish line — with 19 states considering bans or restrictions — some local universities have already tightened their belts against trans fats. At most of the schools, the ban was prompted by deadlines from food-service providers such as Aramark, which has about 500 collegiate contracts, and Sodexho, which has 816. Aramark set a March 31 deadline for a trans-fat ban; Sodexho completed its ban in January 2006. Aramark’s switch is a companywide effort, said Jenifer Bland-Campbell, senior director of nutrition program development. “It’s been something that we’ve been considering for quite some time,” she said. Major food retailers such as Starbucks and Kentucky Fried Chicken have banned trans fats. Trans-fat oil, associated with bad cholesterol, is scheduled to be eliminated in New York City by July. A proposed New Jersey ban on trans-fats in restaurants has remained in a legislative committee since October. Philadelphia’s City Council is scheduled to vote today on the fate of fryer oil in restaurants and food carts.

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