Narcs Bust Papaya Kingpins With $10M Bag of Blow

papaya.jpg NBC 10: Authorities said on Tuesday they had seized 100 kilograms of cocaine, worth $10 million on the street. A confidential informant led city narcotics officers to a tractor trailer with Texas tags at approximately 7 a.m. They caught up with the tractor-trailer at a Kmart on Aramingo Avenue. Officers moved in, they opened up the tractor-trailer and found papayas and limes, but based on the intelligence they had gathered and the scent the K-9s picked up, officers kept digging through the trailer. “We get the papayas out, we open up the boxes and they’re right there and everybody just stopped, bam, here it is, here it is,” said Lt. Marvin Burton of the Philadelphia Police Department.

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