Grand Jury INDICTS State Senator Vincent Fumo

Fumo, 63, is charged with conspiracy, fraud, obstruction of justice and filing false tax returns. Thefumo_final.jpg 267-page indictment alleged that Fumo, one of Pennsylvania’s most powerful politicians, exploited the neighborhood charity he helped create and controlled: Citizens Alliance for Better Neighborhoods.

“Besides relying on his income and assets to support his lifestyle, Fumo regularly endeavored to gain personal benefits and gratuities frmo [SIC] others, including entities over which he had influence, such as the Senate [and] a non-profit organization he established and controlled, Citzens Alliance….Fumo stated to a close confidant his philsophy that a person is best advised to spend ‘other people’s money,’ ” the grand jury said. “Fumo often referred to this goal by the acronym OPM.” The grand jury also alleged that Fumo used his legislative staff for personal and political purposes.

“Defendant Vincent J. Fumo systematically, routinely, and improperly used the funds and resources of the Senate for his personal and political benefit,” the grand jury said. “He directed that Senate contractors and employees employed by the Senate serve him in any manner he desired… to further his political goals and attend to his personal wants.” The grand jury also alleged that Fumo:

-Used Senate employees as campaign aides.

– Used Citizens Alliance to fund political polls.

– Took trips to Cuba paid for by Citizens Alliance.

– Defrauded the Independence Seaport Museum.

– Used Citizens Alliance to pay for “tens of thousands of dollars of goods,” including tools.

– Used Citizens Alliance to buy a bulldozer to clear land on his 100-acre farm.

– Used Citizens Alliance to fund a grassroots group at the Shore to help stop a dune replenishment program that threatened to block his view.

– Used a Senate-paid private to spy on his ex-wife, former girlfriends and political rivals.

If convicted, Fumo could face at least two years or more in federal prison.

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