WAR PIG: Disgraced GOP Congressman Named Military-Industrial Complex Executive

BY BONNIE L. COOK Inquirer Staff Writer — Former U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon has been named chief strategic officer for Defense Solutions, an Exton-based company specializing in military services and sales, a company official said yesterday.elephant3.gif

Chief executive officer Tim Ringgold said Weldon, a 10-term Republican congressman from Delaware County, would help lead the firm’s “growing defense and homeland security practice areas.”

“Curt Weldon knows how our Armed Forces and emergency response communities work and what they need,” Ringgold, a retired Army colonel, said in a statement.

Weldon lost his seat in November to Democrat Joe Sestak after the FBI began probing allegations that Weldon had used his office to aid a company created by his daughter, and also a friend doing business in the former Soviet Union.

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