NO KIDDING: Councilman Wants Rubber Sidewalks And An Octopus’ Garden In The Sky

Philadelphia, PA (AHN) – A member of the Philadelphia City Council says he will be holding hearings on a number of environmentally friendly city projects, one of them being making sidewalks out of rubber.condoms1.jpg

City Councilman at large Jim Kenney said the rubber sidewalks, which are made from recycled tires, do not crack and will last longer than sidewalks made out of concrete.

However, the new sidewalks won’t enable people to bounce — rather than walk — down the street. He said they rubber will be very solid.

“It’s a very solid material,” he said, according to AP. “Probably harder than a running track. Certainly not a trampoline. Not like the Bud Light commercial, where they’re banging the bottles off the ground.”

Kenney says rubber sidewalks will also cut down on the number of accidents resulting from slips-and-falls, as well as the lawsuits that sometimes come with them.

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UPDATE: And An Octopus’ Garden On Every Roof!

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