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Thirteen journalists have been murdered since Russian President Vladimir Putin took office. Thekingtutviscerafront.jpg Kremlin is widely believed to be behind some of those and other recent murders. On the next Fresh Air we talk with MICHAEL SPECTOR about his recent New Yorker article, “Kremlin, Inc.” Why are Vladimir Putin?s opponents dying? PLUS MOLLY IVINS remembered. Liberal political columnist Molly Ivins died yesterday at the age of 62. In her long career, she wrote for newspapers such as The Texas Observer and The New York Times, and her columns were widely syndicated. These interviews originally aired on Oct. 3, 1991 and Oct. 7, 2003.

Listen to this story... Hour 1 – King Tut 101. The next stop for the international King Tut exhibit is in Philadelphia, which runs at the Franklin Institute Feb 3rd ? Sept 30th. Marty will talk with the exhibit’s national curator and King Tut historian DAVID SILVERMAN. They?ll talk about who King Tut was, and how his tomb was first discovered. Silverman is a professor of Egyptology at the University of Pennsylvania where he is also the curator in-charge of the Egyptian collection at the University’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Listen to this story...Hour 2 Environmentally Friendly Cars. A look at the many competing technologies and which ones the big automakers are experimenting with. The latest eco-friendly cars will be on display at the Philadelphia Auto Show that runs from Feb 3rd ? 11th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Marty will talk with RON COGAN, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal where he tracks the latest in new fuel alternative technologies in the automotive industry.

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