VETERANS OF UNPOPULAR WARS: The Pump Don’t Work Because The Vandals Stole The Handle


PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 31 — A candlelight vigil to raise awareness of the vandalism at the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial and to show respect to the memory of those who are honored there will be held Friday, Feb. 2 at 8 p.m. The vigil is sponsored by the Philadelphia American Legion Post 985 and the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Advisory Fund (PVVMAF). The event at the Memorial at Front and Spruce streets at Penn’s Landing is open to the public. The Memorial has been plagued for some time with vandalism caused by skateboarders and others, but starting before Christmas there was a rash of incidents involving wreaths left by friends and relatives. The PVVMAF last week announced the 20th anniversary observance of the Memorial with a “Duty to Remember” Campaign to raise funds to repair damage from vandalism, make other needed improvements and ensure the perpetuity of the Philadelphia landmark. The PVVMAF is the nonprofit board that works with the Fairmount Park System to provide oversight for the memorial, which was dedicated in October 1987.

PHILADELPHIA VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL: Those Who Forget History Are Doomed To Repat It Every 40 Years Or So

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