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Stuart Bowen, Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, has just issued his quarterly report investigating waste, fraud and security problems in the reconstruction efforts. PLUS, Former FBI Agent Ericiraqtomtomorrow.gif O’Neill and Director/Screenwriter Billy Ray have collaborated on the new film Breach. It is based on the true story about FBI operative Robert Hanssen who was found guilty of treason and the FBI agent (O’Neill) who was assigned to Hanssen to draw him out of deep cover.

Is America prepared to compete in the future global marketplace? A new study says a radical overhaul of American education is needed if we are to be prepared. We’ll talk with HARRY SPENCE, co-author of the report Tough Choices or Tough Times. It was released by the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce. Among the reports recommendations include: starting school for most children at age 3, and ending high school after 10th grade. Students then would opt for either technical college or spend two years in college prep courses. Download the executive summary at the Commission’s site.

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