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(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA One man, leading a 14-month charge against area convenience stores selling items that could easily be used as drug paraphernalia, claimed victory Tuesday when Mayor Street signed an anti-drug paraphernalia bill.

phillieblunt.jpgPhiladelphia Police Officer and community activist Jerry Rocks Sr. founded ‘Not In My Neighborhood’ in October of 2005 and started a crusade against convenient stores selling items such as flavored cigars, blunts, and wrappers that could be used for illegal drug use.
Rocks took his fight to the mayor’s office and testified in support of legislation to remove ‘blunts’ and other drug paraphernalia from Philadelphia retail stores at a Philadelphia City Council Public Hearing in October of 2006.

Members of Council supported Rocks and on December 14, 2006 they voted 17-0 to pass Bill 060345, introduced by Councilman Brian J. O’Neill, regulating the sales of rolling papers and other items.

Wawa, Rocks said, then responded by pulling flavored blunts from their shelves.

On Tuesday, January 23, 2007, nearly and year-and-a-half since Rocks began his crusade, he claimed victory when Mayor Street signed the bill into law, making the sale of flavored blunts, wood pipes, water bongs and other drug paraphernalia items, illegal.

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