GAMBLOR: One-Armed Bandit Rolls Local Man

A retired carpenter in his mid-50s was playing a slot machine at PhiladelphiaPark Casino on Monday when a gambler next to him leaned over and said, “Hey! It looks like you’ve won a bonus.”gamblequeen.gif

Stephen Wilkinson, of Feasterville, could hardly believe his eyes.

“My name came across the screen – ‘Congratulations. You are the power player jackpot winner. You’ve won $102,000.’ “

His joy was short-lived, however. Casino officials soon walked over and told him it was a mistake – a system malfunction.

They said he had no money coming.

“They offered me two comps for the buffet,” Wilkinson said derisively yesterday.
Andrew Becker, a PhiladelphiaPark spokesman, verified that Wilkinson had received a message on a Wheel of Fortune video screen saying he was a $102,000 winner. Wilkinson’s name appeared on the screen because he was using his casino-issued player card to track his betting.

“That is not in dispute,” Becker said. “What is in dispute is whether that was valid or not. It was not.”

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