ROCK SNOB: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Rock Town Hall Is Now Open To All! Let The Great National Debate Begin!


Rock Town Hall was founded to carry on and expand late-night turntable debates on self-important issues in rock. In 2002, we convened as a private discussion list among a baker’s dozen of opinionated, music-loving friends. In time we grew to a virtual Who the Hell Does He Think He Is? among rock musicians, journalists, DJs, record collectors, and assorted rock nerds. Although we continue to possess little power to influence the state of rock ?n roll, we delight in the battle and seek the cultivation of occasionally novel perspectives on the genre.

Now we’re throwing the doors of Rock Town Hall open to You, The People! We’ve heard your charges of backroom conspiracies and midnight confessions, brokered 3-star reviews and Tuesday night gigs. Open the door, they said, and let ’em in.

Over the years, we’ve made it our business to dissect issues such as:

–The Validity of Rock Bands Lacking Bassists

–How the Hell Anyone Can Like The Smiths

–Whether Bob Seger and George Thorogood Would Have Garnered More Critical Acclaim Had They Possessed Better Looks, Thereby Enabling Them to Appeal to More Than Biker and NASCAR Dudes and Their Women

    These issues and others continue to be open to frank discussion and periodic review. There’s no end in sight to our work, and your opinions count. Rock Town Hall is a place where the Comments section is King. Regardless of the pomposity and insider knowledge with which any contributor may kick off a thread, The People are encouraged to steer discussion as The People see fit. It takes a great man or woman to think he or she’s right; it takes a great community to seek The Truth.

    ROCKTOWNHALL: More Fun Than A Star Trek Convention, But Only Half The Pussy

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