STRANGER THAN FICTION: Suicide-By-Cop & City Hall Break-Ins Part Of Same Tragically Bizarre Narrative


Before his deadly confrontation, Kelley scaled four floors of scaffolding outside City Hall and smashed a window leading to a well-appointed room where the state’s Supreme Court justices meet. Inside, he scribbled religious messages on legal pads, and rifled through desks and cabinets, police said.

Kelley didn’t stop there. He circled around that floor to the offices of City Council President Anna Verna, where he broke another window, this one on a door. Again he searched desks and cabinets. He found two items that struck his fancy: a Bible and a large serrated knife.

Kelley had both, police said, when they confronted him as he waved the knife at Ninth and Market Streets, just a few blocks from City Hall. Police twice tried to stun him with a Taser gun, but it had no effect.

Finally, they said, he screamed, “Kill me! Kill me!” and lunged at the officers. They fired, and Kelley fell dead.


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