pbr-art.thumbnail.jpgBY PATRICK BERKERY Down in the Big Easy, where the Eagles’ unexpected playoff push came to a screeching halt Saturday night, there’s a colloquialism called lagniappe. It means ?a little something extra.? And what Jeff Garcia, Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, Marty Mornhinweg et al gave us after Donovan went down was a totally unforeseen little something extra. Well done, boys. Well done. That said, the way it ended stings. Badly. Lagniappe, schmaniappe, I say. The defense might?ve been sucking wind late in the fourth quarter, but Garcia was still cocked and loaded (insert rumors of Garcia being homosexual-related punch line here). We could?ve won that game. The fine cityfuckdaeagles.jpg of New Orleans hasn?t seen strategy as bad as Andy Reid?s decision to punt on 4th and 15 since FEMA was running the show down there. Our boys didn’t scratch, claw and overachieve their way to a division title only to be cockblocked with such a gutless call. Heckuva job, Big Red. Speaking of egregious in-game decisions: FOX can show Jeffrey Lurie waving his arms in protest for a good 10 seconds when he thinks the refs spot the ball short of an Eagles first down, but they can’t get a camera on him and Joe Banner when it became clear Andy was totally not shittin’ us about this 4th and 15 thing? Was Lurie fashioning a noose from his wife?s scarf? I’ll bet he was. And now Valania wants me to go Dutch with him on a Soul season ticket plan. Man, fuck this shit. The only thing that makes the whole mess easier to take is the following: 31 days until pitchers and catchers. I repeat: 31 days until pitchers and catchers.

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