THIS IS ONLY A TEST: Thank You For Not Eating

As reported on WHYY, The Locust Bar is planning to decrease the number of items on the food menu to locustbarsmoker.jpgqualify for the smoking ban exemption. If we actually did some reporting, we would surely find many other bars doing the same. But that’s not gonna happen, so let’s just say they are. And from the look of things, a great many of you get your nourishment in bars. So it would only follow that a famine of epic proportions may well descend upon our fair city, leaving us all walking around naked, pregnant-looking and with flies on our faces. IF WE DON’T OVERTURN THE SMOKING BAN. OK, OK so that’s a little over the top, but even you naysayers have to agree that this chick looks pretty effin’ cool with that cigarette.

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