Cover Wars: Whose Artfag Kung-Fu Is Stronger?


Well, well, well. The bitch is back. Not sure what we mean by that, but it sure sounds like a badass opening. First a few words about our boy Jeff Fusco — hardest working family man in show business, great big grizzly of a man, but a real Gentle Ben. Always a gentleman and a scholar. He always gets The Shot, too. Although for reasons that elude us, PW elected NOT to use one for this week’s The Year In Photos cover. Why the hell didn’t they use that Obama money shot and plug into the zeitgeist for a second? We will probably never know, but if ever there was a moment to pull that golden trigger it was RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Or why not just turn the telescope around and go macro-local and micro-obvious with that killer shot of the Mummer kid? Lastly, why, why, why — after you’ve done all that sympathetic and laudable coverage of Mexidelphia — you chose this weirdly unsettling shot of what looks like Art Shimko run amok on a bark-at-the-moon flag-ripping rampage. While we are awaiting your answers, we will just turn around and slap the First Prize winner ribbon on CP’s S.A.D. Fat Albert in The Can comicscape. It makes us feel blue, in a good way. WINNER: City Paper

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