Company Gives List To Guild, Guild Names Names

tierneyslist.jpgWhat follows is a list of the 71 Guild members at the Philadelphia Inquirer who have been notified that they will be laid off.

This list was created by the Company and sent to the Guild on January 3rd.

Guild representatives are in the process of comparing the Company’s information on hire dates and job categories with the Guild’s records and will also meet with Company representatives on Friday to discuss bumping rights and other layoff related issues.

Aldridge, David
Arnold, Stephanie
Bahadur, Gaiutra
Bathurst, Jeffrey
Bewley, Joel
Brooks, Angel K.
Callas, Antoinette
Campbell, Dwayne
Chester, Jodie
Cohen, David M.
Constantino, Mario T.
D’Alessandro, Gene
Dorazio, Jennifer
Esposito Gilbert, Gina
Fallik, Dawn
Fifield, Adam
Fink, Regina
Fitzgerald, Thomas J.
Fleming, Leonard
Goff, Paula
Gorodetzer, Jay A.
Hall , John
Hamrick, Scott S.
Harris, Bettinita
Hendricks, Donna M.
Herbert, Keith
Hoffner, Gloria
Howerter, Rose A
Incollingo, Jacoba
Jaffe, Alan
Janco, Mary Anne
Johnson, Dan Z.
Johnson, Linda G.
Jones, Anna
Kanes, Joan F.
Kummer, Frank
Linn, Emmet
Lotozo, Eils
Lowe, Benjamin
Ma, Christine
Malott, Glen Alen
Mason, Rita S.
Mason, Todd
McGovern, Robert
McManmon, Kevin
Morris, Teshia
O’Neal, Sharon
Pack, Howery
Parent, Robert
Parker, Akweli
Patrick Gates, Kellie
Pedersen, Keri
Peitz, Charles
Pitts, Steven Sinclair
Pompilio, Natalie
Reed, Valerie A.
Ritter, Kera
Royal, Destinee-Charisse
Schiavo, Christine
Schnatz, Peter L.
Schuman, Hinda
Seiders, Mary Jane
Shaw, Julie
Shields, Jeffrey
Shugars, Cheryl A.
Slavin, John R.
Steinberg, Donald
Trethan, Phaedra
Watson, Rob
Wilkins, Megan
Williams, Robert O.

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