We Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But We Like It


PAGING MOLLY RINGWALD: The Psychedelic Furs, Trocadero, December 29th 2006
BY SIMONE SECCI, FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT In this time of wild 80s revival, it’s nice to see the real thing. Well, kind of. Unfortunately the Psychedelic Furs that left a definitive trace through rock music was already dead in 1983. It’s no longer existing and never will. The Furs of today are a great pop band that does the job in the best way, but no longer as a new wave icon. All this, to be honest, didn’t prevent me from jumping on my chair and dancing with the entire theatre when I heard great classics like “President Gas” and “Dumb Waiters”. That’s the way it is with reunion bands — older because time passes for everybody, and a bunch of session musicians cover for missing or dead original members. But still, Richard Butler and his unique voice are there, and so is the guitar of John Ashton and that’s enough for the heart. For the younger public that never heard the band, maybe it was a good start toward finding out more about those records that froze me and so many people a long, long time ago.

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