SMELLS LIKE JOURNALISM: Daily News Puts Boots On The Ground In Drug Trade, Gets To Know Name Behind Faceless Statistic And The Awful Truth Therein

DRESSED IN A black Dickies suit and black Timberlands, the chubby-faced 17-year-old crack dealer paced around thedndrugdealer.jpg desolate lot working another graveyard shift.

In the darkness, a steady stream of addicts ambled toward him to make a buy. Then he saw a familiar face: his close friend’s mom. “I need a nick,” she mumbled to him. Without hesitation, he sold her a nickel bag — $5 worth of crack.

“I was surprised that she was a smoker,” Mikey recalled, months after that night. Today he calls it “the deal I will never forget.”

“I was thinking that a real friend wouldn’t sell to his mom,” said Mikey. “If he found out, how would he feel? But that is life. If she won’t get it from me, she will get it from somewhere else.”

DN: When You Ain’t Got Nothin’ You Got Nothin’ To Lose

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