GAMBLOR: Slot Shack Neighbors Looking Forward To Drunks, Gridlock and Even More Broke-Dick Losers

Lori McCole is afraid that her daughter could get run over on the way to school by a gambler whogamblingaddictionworkbook.jpg has been up all night drinking. Samantha Pakech worries about traffic jams and property values falling. Christopher Tucker asks if some kid will repeat his own childhood and end up sleeping in a car outside a casino while a parent blows the rent or mortgage money inside.

Go to the sections of the city where a casino could rise and you will hear a litany of reasons that the negatives may outweigh any benefits that slots parlors can bring to the city.

Imagine, opponents ask, six million people a year descending on your neighborhood to gamble – and probably drink – 24/7.

INQUIRER: There Is Also A Downside

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