GOODBYE A.I.: Iverson Sold, er, TRADED To Nuggets

ai.jpgBy David Aldridge

The Allen Iverson era in Philadelphia is over. Iverson, pending NBA officials’ approval, will be traded to the Denver Nuggets for a package including guard Andre Miller, forward Joe Smith and both of Denver’s 2007 first-round picks, according to a source with knowledge of the trade talks between the teams.

Miller, 30, is third in the league in assists and is one of the league’s best point guards. He will also receive an additional $1million as a trade kicker as part of his six-year, $55 million contract. Smith, the first pick overall in the 1995 draft and a former Sixer, was put into the deal for salary cap purposes, and is in the last year of a deal that will pay him $6.8 million this season. The trade will also give Philadelphia three first-round picks in next June’s draft, expected to be one of the best in years.

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