PROFESSOR PLUM SAYS: Septegenarian Chadds Ford Handyman Killed Misses Peacock & Col. Mustard

A handyman who believed he was being given poisoned coffee has been charged with the four-year-old murder of an elderly Chadds Ford couple. Walter James Rosengarth, 73, will be arraigned today in the deaths of Miles Warner and Mary Chamberlin Warner, both 81, who wereclue-game.jpg shot to death Dec. 10, 2002. Rosengarth is currently incarcerated at a state prison in Camp Hill on an unrelated attempted homicide charge. In July of 2003, he opened fire on two sheriff deputies who were trying to deliver an eviction notice to his Chester County home.[…] Rosengarth met the couple while riding his bike through their neighborhood and eventually went to work for them doing yard work, according to court papers. Rosengarth told unnamed witnesses he had killed the couple. A letter from Rosengarth dated Jan. 9, 2006 was recovered by a search warrant and disclosed in court documents today. It contains a number of misspellings:

“I was poisned by 2 people back in 99-00, Im not shure, I would have to look at my checkbook to be sure. I have tumors all over my body, I terminated them in 03 after monitoring them over a period of time,” the letter said. “When I found them ready to victimize another person. The details are more extensive and I’ll tell you about it later.”

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