CULTURE SHOCK: Chinese Village Goes Peepee In Coke

pee_peestatue.jpgVillagers tout urine drinking’s health benefit

(Shanghai Daily) Du Ximin, 50, was one of the five people who formed a healthcare research center promoting drinking urine to stay healthy in his village in 1993.Now about 400 of the village of 1,600 are in the habit of drinking their own urine, and two-thirds of them are senior people, reported state television.

Du, formerly head of the Wuzhuang Village in Baqiao District of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, has been drinking his urine on a daily basis since 1990.

He has been very healthy over the years, China Central Television reported.

Du said his mother fed him his urine when he was about three years old. His mother was one of the disciples of a local Taoist group that promoted drinking urine to stay healthy in the 1930s. The group had about 800 members.

CHINA DAILY: The Yellow River By I. P. Daily

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