PHOODIE: Eating Is The New Pornography

BOSS HAWG REPORTS: Pif, David Ansill’s Frenchy BYOB could be in its last throws. Talk of the Table is that the 38 seat Bella Vista boite’s doors are only open Friday through Sunday, and that the South Eight Street property is for sale. Meanwhile the man who’s put the Oh! In Offal says that all snail slinging and no play makes him tired…Meanwhile, just when youfoodievag.jpeg thought the OC couldn’t get any whiter, everyday soul sistah Delilah Winder’s tony Bluezette, aka the “Black Continental,” which has weathered troubled waters admirably since opening in 2000 has closed. The story they’re sticking to is, after some retooling it will reopen in ’07 as Delilah’s. Until then you can dig Delilah’s cooking at home with her new book… It might’ve been Escoffier who first said, “If you can’t stand the heat, start fucking skeezers for fun and profit.” Tattooed freak Scott McLeod, formerly of Paison!, Pod and most recently the haute Rittenhouse pizza joint Fresca, has taken these words to heart. He’s bagged his daily grind in the city’s top kitchens for the bump and grind with skanky hos on the web. McLeod, who wears way too much eyeliner for straight porn, says he may return to the kitchen one day. A word to wise, should that day come, stay away from his bechamel.
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