Yo Adrian, STALLONE’s In Town, Get Out THE STATUE!

“Philadelphia has been a real safe haven for me,” Stallone said. “It’s the reason I am here today, because of Philadelphia. They just backed the film. It was really a perfect blend of the character, which really represented the people of Philadelphia. It was a lucky accident that it all came together.”rocky-cp-9984175.jpg

Stallone, who turned 60 in July, gave some insight into his character in Rocky Balboa.

“He is starting out without his wife,” Stallone said. “He is literally full of grief, and we see a rebirth of this fellow, certainly not like he was in Rocky I, but an older, wiser guy.”

Stallone said fans of the new film would be impressed by the boxing scenes.

“The boxing is by far the most realistic I have ever been involved with because I used a real fighter and there is a lot of physical contact,” he said.

This is the first movie in the Rocky series in 16 years. When asked if he was happy with the series, Stallone said: “Now I am. I wasn’t happy with the fifth one, but I think this one I’m more satisfied with for the people who like Rocky.”

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