STATUS QUO: Low Prices, Indentured Servitude, Predatory Capitalism, and the Occasional INSIDE JOB? Just Another Day At Your Friendly Neighborhood Wal-Mart SO HAVE A NICE DAY!

Arrests made in $300,000 robbery
Two men dressed as Wal-Mart employees hit the Northeast Phila. store after hours. One in custody was an employee.


Two men clad in standard Wal-Mart blue walmartevil_sam.jpg“How May I Help You?” smocks held up the discount store in the Lower Northeast early yesterday, netting more than $300,000 from a safe and enjoying less than a day of euphoria before city police made two arrests last nightAs the investigation continued toward midnight, Sgt. Joseph Gindele of the Northeast Detective Division said he expected two more arrests.One of the men already in custody was a store employee, said Gindele, who declined to release any more information about the pair. He said images from the store’s security system helped lead to the arrests.

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