HIZZONER ’07: Maybe It’s The Snappy Name, But We Are Really Likin’ This Jonathan Guy


Jonathan Saidel Makes Me Go, ‘Hmmmm’

During Bob Brady‘s riffing, he started introducing other local politicians in the room, including … future Mayoral candidate Jonathan Saidel. The reason I bring this up is that I had never seensaidel13.jpg Saidel speak in person, and frankly do not know a lot about him. But, I would have to say, his speech very much surprised and impressed me, mainly for the fire with which it was delivered. And then, when talking to someone about the speech, I heard another story about Saidel, which made me think about his candidacy a little more. It is all second-hand, but, still…

There is a large, very community minded mosque in N Philly. (OK, I am sure there is more than one, but, this story is about one in particular.) And, immediately after 9/11, they were really worried about a few nuts doing something stupid. And so, at that point, Saidel, a Jew, went with a few others from the City, and essentially stood guard outside the Mosque, to make sure that peace reigned and no misguided retributions took place. It was a very simple, very powerful way to show that in that even that awful moment, Philly was together, and protecting all of its citizens. Maybe because I was three thousand miles away during that period, I never heard any of this. Or maybe it was because he did not publicize it. Either way, it was a bit of decency and strength that we want in our political leaders.

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