THE BLOGS ARE COMING, THE BLOGS ARE COMING, RUN! Media Criticism Doesn’t HAVE To Be This Clueless

Or compromised. Unless your name is Ted Beitchman, and you are still — STILL, after four years — trying to punch a hole in the Philly mediascape with that glossy money-pit/inept score-settler/high-priced coupon flyer known as REALPHILLY — and getting about as far as a renegade spermatazoan trying to break on thru a Trojan Extra Thick. Hat tip to reader Philly Guy for the heads up. He reads it so we don’t have to. But check this sad swing at wannabe 215 Murdoch-ism. We just happen to speak Beitchman, so let us translate: Pay no mind to that moonbat slander on THE BLOGS and take another look at our ads, will ya?

From Dec./Jan. RealPhilly, Page 20:

realphilly10.jpg Bunch’s Blogosmear

“Thoughts while shaving” used to be the term that described just that: undocumented, unsupported ideas. Now they have been replaced by the content of blogs, and there is no one in town who better epitomizes this bizarre form of communication than the Daily News’ Will Bunch. In the past year, Bunch, who is also a print journalist for the DN, floated a rumor in April that Chris Matthews was going to run for the Senate in order to help his brother Jim in his race for lieutenant governor. It was patently false and Chris Matthews had to issue a formal denial. Such is the power of blogs. Wonder why Bunch didn’t just pick up the phone and ask Matthews himself, which is what any journalist would have done. Then in September he posed an “open letter to David Broder,” the Washington Post political writer and columnist who at the age of 75 still does his own door-to-door interviews. Bunch objected to Broder’s slant in favor of President Bush — a canard if ever there was one — and to Bob Woodward‘s similar slant. Perhaps Bunch would benefit from some shoe-leather reporting of his own instead of sitting on his duff and criticizing the two best reporters in the country. Woodward’s latest book included a seven-hour, 207-page interview with Andy Card. Broder and Woodward come to conclusions based on reporting. Bunch comes to conclusions based on reading Arianna Huffington‘s rants and little else.

As Philly Guy points out, Beitchman failed to mention that Chris Matthews is listed as a contributing editor for RealPhilly. Oh, snap! This would not be the first time inconvenient truth bit Ted Beitchman in the tuchus.

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