RETRACTION: Let The Record Show That Joey Sweeney Was NOT Brian McManus’ Source When He Outed U-Outfitter Music Picker’s Conflict of Interest Thingee In PW & If You Don’t Know WTF We’re Talking About, We Envy You, But If You REALLY Wanna Know Ask Sweeney He Has The Screenshot And Is Apparently Sending It To His Lawyer

On 11/14/06 6:17 AM, “Jonathan Valania” wrote:

CONFIRM OR DENY? Sweeney was your source for the Urban Outfitters/ Favorite Sons conflict of interest thing. I realize it’s a dick move to air private email, but hey, both you guys have MORE than earned it. Sweeney is —sweeney111704.jpeg get this — threatening to sue me, claiming that he found out about\ it from you in PW. That I misunderstood your email, that your email was saying that it was Sweeney who pointed out the Phawker post about Urban Outfitters, not that he was the source on that. If I got that wrong I’ll take the post down and clarify the matter. But if I had this right, he can eat a bag of dicks.

For the record, I’ll not be airing any more private emails, including this exchange. These were extraordinary circumstances….


you really fucked this one up. Joey WAS NOT my source for the Dryw
conflict of interest. He ripped me a new one on Philebrity for writing about
it and then he and I started having conversations about “Fugazi ethics” over
AIM. He then sent me the link to your phawker post about the subject a day
later when it was already, to us anyway, old news. Then you sent me the same
link in an email which explains my reply: “True story: Joey Sweeney told me
about this over AIM.” Then you told me that he and Dryw were very close
friends. That’s when I said, “Bah-lee me…”

Is this clear now? You misunderstood my email. The first time Joey and I
ever started computer speaking was AFTER the article about UO/ Favourite
Sons ran. Hope you guys work it out. Laters.


On 11/14/06 10:44 AM, “Jonathan Valania” wrote:

Thanks for clarifying that. I will correct the error. Apologies for dragging you into this…Actually, let me print this. It clearly explains it and has more weight coming from you. OK?

On Nov 14, 2006, at 10:58 AM, Brian McManus wrote:
Actually, I don’t know how I feel about that. I’d prefer you clean up your
own mess without my super industrial-strength cleaner, but if you think you
can’t…whatevs. Best of luck to you.


I’m taking this as a yes. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Trust me, every post no matter how IMPORTANT gets knocked into irrelevance by the stream of posts that come after. This too shall pass, and rather quickly. Besides, YOU OWE ME ONE.

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