FIGHT CLUB: Beanie Strong Like Bull, Takes A VIP Lickin’ And Keeps On Motherf*ckin’ Tickin’

BEANIE SIGEL caught a beatdown from fellow rapper Mike Knox at a party at the First District Plaza (3801 Market) the weekend before last, sources say.

Although the Powerhouse concert at the Wachovia Center — which had Allen Iverson and ourbeanie.jpg girl Lil’ Kim among a capacity crowd – was thrown by Power 99, it was rival station 100.3 The Beat that threw an afterparty.

Beanie, aka Dwight Grant, of South Philly, was in the VIP area and when Knox entered, Beanie, we’re told, began talking trash to Knox, who lives in Logan.

Eventually, Beanie threw a punch, and Knox responded with eight or nine blows to Beanie’s face, an eyewitness told the People Paper‘s Damon C. Williams.

Another eyewitness tells us that after receiving Knox’s punches, Beanie collapsed onto a couch, and then several of Beanie’s friends went after Knox, recently signed to 50 Cent‘s G-Unit label.

We’re told that plenty of cameras were in the VIP room, but it’s unclear if any caught pictures of the rap battle between the two hip-hop artists, who were once friends. Beanie rhymed on a track with Knox a few years back.

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