COMING ATTRACTION: Grumpy Old Men Returns With An Election Day Chat With The Fiercest and Most Formidable Clintonista, Sidney Blumenthal, American Journalist


During the investigations by White House independent counsel Kenneth Starr, Blumenthal was called to the Grand Jury to testify on matters related to what Clinton had told both Blumenthal and his senior staff in regards to Monica Lewinsky. It was on this occasion that Blumenthal was accused by the independent counsel of seeking to discredit the office of the counsel by passing stories to the media about Starr and his aides. The resultant statement by Blumenthal on the steps of the Grand Jury about the freedom of the press after his testimony resulted in a public fall of support for Starr and his investigations of the President. […] Blumenthal was recently the Washington bureau chief for, for which he has written over 1800 pieces online. He is also a regular contributor to, as well as being a regular columnist for the UK newspaper, The Guardian.

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