Oh Snap: PW Music Editor Calls U-Outfitter Music Picker On Conflict Of Interest

Jeebus! We take off one week from hearing no evil and the bossman comes into our cubicle, unzips his fly andurban-outfittersfinger.jpg pisses in the bowl of Cheerios:

Dryw Scully is music promotions director for Urban Outfitters. That means he’s in control of the Urban Out [sic] jukebox, picking the tracks you hear while shopping for skinny jeans at the company’s stores. Not a bad gig.

Dryw Scully also manages Favourite Sons. They’re currently on the Urban Outfitters playlist. This — according to your tolerance for such things — is either a glaring and shameful conflict of interest or just kinda tacky. You be the judge.

PW: Oh No He Dih-iint!
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